Sunday 31 January 2010

The end of hibernation

After a long period of silence and reflection it's time to come out of creative hibernation. It’s taken the much anticipated publication of THE GLORY OF ANGELS, written by my dear friend and mentor Edward Lucie-Smith, to catapult me back to life again. It has come in the form of this magnificent book with the most exquisite classical and contemporary illustrations of the power of ANGELS in Art. Icons that transcend time, religion, mythology and history.

These powerful bridges to the unknown have been present throughout mankind’s history to help us and guide us. Throughout centuries we have sought solace in the belief of their existence and presence to assist us in difficult and unpredictable times. I would like to invite those who share my passion for angels to join in and share their experiences and information on these splendid beings of light so that we can start to develop an archive for future reference. I have a dream of starting a museum dedicated to the importance of ANGELS in ART> HISTORY> PSYCHOLOGY > and their place in our modern and turbulent world.
So I'm launching a request to start this dream by having testimonies from friends and all those who have been blessed by their own angels.

I have been in mourning for the last three years. Firstly, the departure of the most precious person in my life, my Mother. Secondly, the end of my 32 year marriage to Steve Hackett. The two most important people in my whole life. A tsunami of personal traumas ensued.

In my Blog I'll be sharing my memories, my work and experiences of the present and all my hopes and dreams of a better Future. I have so many wonderful memories of a life on the road and all the passions that that involved, all the wonderful people I met along the way. This long and personal story has been documented in books, letters, photographs, and interviews. But most of all I am now ready to share the thoughts, love and dedication that started when I was just nineteen years old.