Thursday 24 March 2011

The Shadow of Angels

As some of you will already know, I’ve been going through a difficult divorce for the last three years and that only recently ended. I want to start this post then by thanking all my friends, my family and fans who gave me so much love and support through this terrible time in my life. They gave me the strength to continue to live and to find happiness. In order to find this and to have peace, I have to continue to tell my story. How a very long road was travelled, with so much love and, ultimately, so much destruction.

A couple of weeks ago I still had doubts about what I should do. Then I received this wonderful and unexpected e-mail from someone I met many moons ago at Charisma Records. His name is Robin Millar. An extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in music and communication. It came at the right moment and gave me courage to continue.

Dear Kim

Life has a way of bringing one round full circle. Having produced a number of Brazilian musicians more recently I decided to take a trip to the rain forest last year. Strangely I have done more travelling now I am blind. It offers me a very unusual view of the world. I am going back this April mostly because I fell in love with the coati mundis.

I first saw you sitting on the edge of Dave Hitchcock's desk at Charisma when my band had just signed.  You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, so naturally I said nothing!
I next saw you twenty years later at a charity auction where I had given away some platinum discs. that time I did talk with you for a while....I'm a fast worker.

I was a devoted artist and painter as well as a musician and it was blindness which made me focus on music. I've had a wonderful life and career but vision and art are still very close to me and your work on album sleeves is simply unforgettable. that is what I wanted to share with you....that after 25 years of no sight I have the image of you in that office and of your art as clearly defined as before, where even the image of my own mother and father have faded into impressions.

All the best and fond wishes


Robin Millar CBE
Hon Patron, Music Producers Guild
Patron, UNHCR Geneva
Patron, CALM UK <>

It's well worth visiting Robin's website - he's a fascinating and jnspirational person.