Friday 26 April 2013

Goodbye Richie ...

Tonight I heard some very sad news. Richie Havens the musician, poet, artist and actor died.

This created in me a very deep sense of loss. The loss of a great and compassionate human being, the loss of  a time he represented, which was full of hope and expectations. He was the icon of Woodstock, Mr. Freedom! A man who I admired and who shared an affinity for Art. He was an artist, a sculptor. We spent some good times together with my then husband, Steve Hackett. Like me he preferred to work and paint at night. When all was calm, that was the time when creative Inspiration was at its most honest and potent. His was a very positive and generous energy. He touched everyone that had the good fortune to meet him. He reminded me of a high priest from ancient times that possessed the knowledge to unlock the secrets that evade us. He held the keys to the oratory, an ancient soul.

Goodbye Richie, you were very kind to me. Your star is shining bright in the heavens tonight!!!

Kim Poor,  22nd April 2013