Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I want to first congratulate my favorite rock band, Genesis, for finally being recognised for their incredible contribution to music. These are wonderful guys and certainly extraordinary musicians and composers. They have been so influential in all areas of music. Their songs have been a huge source of inspiration for me all my life. My paintings were always done with their music playing in my studio. In fact that is how Steve (Hackett) and I met in 1974 on the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour.

I was a huge fan and wanted to reciprocate and give them a print that I'd done inspired by a song called Stagnation. As I recollect Peter has that print. I am also thrilled that Steve has been invited to join them in New York. He has always felt so left out since he left the band in 1977. He came to bitterly regret that decision. So I'm sure it comes as a  great comfort to be included after all these years. To coincide with this historic award I will try to tell a little of this extremely colourful story, and hope to shed some light on the past.

The first present I gave Steve when we met was a beautiful lithograph of Watcher of the Skies. An Angel!!

Steve forgot it on the plane, was that a sign?